From the beginning

Communication Science began in 1989, when I learned about the "three-sided problem" that sends patients back to the hospital:

  1. Doctors and nurses, no matter how sincere, don't spend as much time teaching as they think they do.
  2. Patients, otherwise honest, often say they understand when they don’t.
  3. Even when they have time, on the phone or in writing, patients and providers just don't speak the same language.

Now there's a problem I can fix. I have a PhD in linguistic pragmatics, how to change the way a person speaks and writes so the message gets across to people who don't have the same background.

For example:

  • Doctors and nurses say healthcare is the most important thing in your life because it's the most important thing in their life! People who succeed at staying out of the hospital all say their healthcare is "No big deal." They do just what they have to and get on with life!
  • Every Care Kit begins with national guidelines expert opinion from top medical centers. Then my team of linguists "translates" the instructions so they make sense to people who are not professionals in health care. The Before and After Gallery will make you smile as you see how Care Kit is different from the way doctors and nurses write.

Best of all are the studies that show how Care Kit makes a difference. People who get a Care Kit are up to 74% more likely to stay out of the hospital in the future than people who don't.

That's our mission at Communication Science: to help you stay out of the hospital. Let us know how you and your Care Kit succeed!

Best regards for health and Life,

Sylvia Aruffo, PhD