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It’s good to stay out of the hospital!

Hundreds of payers & providers use Care Kits as their patient education resource to reduce readmissions, increase patient satisfaction, gain referrals, and decrease the cost of care.

We take pride in hearing from our provider partners as well as the patients and families we touch.

See Betty P., a CHF patient at 101 years old!
See how Adelia P. of Corpus Christi, Texas, brought her blood sugar down to normal after three years of being over 300!
Hear Mr. Miles R. of Illinois tell how he beat heart failure three years out of the hospital and counting!

What Patients Are Saying

“My Father was diagnosed with CHF. On discharge, they gave us a Care Kit. He absolutely loves it. He learned a lot from the literature. He has been using the log book daily. He has been asking me to get him another since he loves it and has not gone back to the hospital.”

– Marcia S., South San Francisco, CA

“On behalf of my Mother, Concetta P., I want to thank you for sending the new Log Book, her third journal to date last week.

The Care Kit has enabled me to monitor her condition on a daily basis and to provide her Cardiologist with the data necessary to monitor and adjust her medications. My mother has not been hospitalized since March and I feel that the use of the Care Kit has helped contribute to that fact.

In November, my mother will be celebrating her 100th birthday. I believe the daily use of the Care Kit has certainly contributed towards helping her to reach this milestone. Thank you for your help.”

– John P., Bryn Mawr, PA

“My father was staying home all the time because he couldn’t figure out how to use his catheter. After he got the Care Kit, he understood, and then he was on the go! It was like he got his life back.”

– Carol A., RN, Detroit MI

“I got my Care Kit a week ago. I immediately read it all. I can see why people on bulletin boards praise it highly. My husband has kidney damage. He must try to follow a strict low sodium meal plan. The doctor handed us a little booklet. When I read it, however, it was written years ago and really wasn’t very useful-nothing like yours!”

– Darlene P., Great Falls MT

“I believe I am reasonably intelligent, but when it comes to directions for gadgets or equipment, that’s another story. It was a surprise, then, to follow so easily the Care Kit Step-by-Step. Thank you for directions that make sense to a motor moron.”

– June N., PhD (via email)

“Hospitals are fully equipped, but when you get home you are without those things and panic sets in. With the Care Kit, I have peace of mind. Such a help in getting over the rough days.”

– Florence G., Hagerstown MD

“I found the Asthma Care Kit very informative. The products work well.”

– Isaac P., Highland Park IL

“I couldn’t believe how the Care Kit had all the products I needed-with instructions on how to stay out of the hospital, explanations I could understand. Thank you for making such a practical product.”

– Carol M., Cleveland OH

“I am overjoyed with the Care Kit. It is just what I had been looking for.”

– Lee J., Aurora IL

“I just wanted to say thank you for this extremely thoughtful Care Kit. The directions were clear and concise, and the supplies were very handy so my husband and I didn’t have to run out to the store. It reallly made a difference in those crazy first weeks home from the hospital.”

– Orville M., Chicago IL

“From the time my mother came home from the hospital, we used the Care Kit. It was invaluable.”

– Linda L., Charlotte SC

What Providers Are Saying

“I was blown away! [The Coronavirus Care Kits] are brilliant, generous, useful and so appreciated. Thank you for being part of taking care of our community during this time. I’m very grateful to you and your colleagues for helping care for our patients.”

– CEO, Acute Care Hospital

“I wanted to let you know what a powerful force for good your Care Kits have been during the pandemic. We’ve shifted to getting the kits out to patients who need to shelter in place. This has allowed us to do more comprehensive care for them in their homes – we’re now doing the majority of our care in the virtual space.”

– Nurse Practitioner Supervisor – Acute Care Hospital

“I just got my first call thanking me for a Care Kit. The participant and his wife were so excited! This is a participant with no compliance with checking his BP, weight, and SBGM every day. Today he called and read off to me all of his data for the last two days! Thanks to everyone that makes it possible for us to have his resource!”

– N.A., Personal Health Nurse, Major Health Service Company, Annapolis, MD

“Since using Care Kits with my patients, our re-admits are down 2.5%.”

– RN, Home Care, Oklahoma

“Our accreditation surveyor was extremely impressed with all the contents. They loved the Care Kit!”

– Director of Case Management, RN, BSN, CCM, Insurance Company

“I had been trying to become a preferred, post acute provider again for a large regional hospital when I showed them Care Kits. I received our very first referral patient the very next day. I went back for a review some time later and the discharge planner told me they have not seen one of our patients return [since we started working together again].”

– Home Care Business Development Director, Texas

“The Care Kits offer a lot of support to a patient after they are discharged. It plays right into how we need to decrease patient’s readmission rates after they discharge from us.”

– Director of Compliance, Midwest Rehabilitation Hospital

“I love these! It’s exactly what we needed. Every place we have shown Care Kits to, their jaw drops! Appreciate your help getting started with training and support materials.”

– Business Development Director, Home Health Agency, California

“We have a 48 year old male with a history of diabetes, diabetic foot neuropathy, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obstructive sleep apnea, and morbid obesity. As part of routine diabetic education, our nurse provided a foot care Care Kit to the participant, which includes teaching materials and a mirror to ensure the entire foot can be examined for wounds. He reported that using the mirror he found a bleeding wound on his foot and was seen by a foot and ankle specialist for evaluation and treatment. He reports the wound has healed. A possible hospitalization for treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer has been averted.”

– Manager, Population Health

“The first benefit [we nurses] notice about using Care Kit is that the phones go dead. Patients understand what to do, so they don’t call us back for repeat instructions.”

– Pat Sloman, RN, Department Administrator, Kaiser Permanente, Fontana, California

“Care Kit makes it quite simple for patients to begin their self care.”

– Fern Lentini, Vice President, American Medical Association

“I know of no other systematic program that brings about this much immediate improvement for the patients. Remarkably, it seems to do so while lowering the overall cost of care.”

– Francis A. Fullam, Patient Satisfaction Specialist, University of Chicago Hospitals

“When an open-heart surgery patient comes back, that’s a loss for everybody. Care Kit reduced the readmission rate by 38%.”

– Angela Martin, MS RN, Clinical Specialist, Heart Clinic, St. Joseph Medical Center, MD

“These kits save the patients time and the hassel of trying to find supplies, decreasing the number of phone calls the patient has to make to the doctor or nurse.”

– Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer Foundation, Education Newsletter

“We like Care Kit: everything is in one place, all patients get the same thing and we know they have everything they need.”

– Nancy Bevans, MSN RNCS CCRN, Clinical Specialist, Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale, IL

“Care Kit is very patient-friendly, reducing costs and psychological trauma for patients.”

– William Dooley, MD, Surgery Department Chair, University of Oklahoma

“Care Kit certainly realizes the importance of patient involvement. We hope you consider following this collaborative patient-centered approach.”

– Catherine Mullahy, RN BS CCRN CCM, President, Case Management Society of America, Editorial, Case Management Journal, July/August 2001

“The nurses are ecstatic! They no longer need to take time away from the patients to pull supplies to give to the patients. They also like the teaching tool.”

– Barbara Raskin, RN, Nursing Coordinator, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD