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A Care Kit program is available in three different formats. Choose the model that is right for your place of care.

Care Kits contain organized, condition-­specific self care plans along with all the proprietary tools and devices to enhance compliance. These materials are printed on easy-­to-­use formats with large scale fonts and bold imagry. Click here to see a Care Kit. Care Paks are the same pre-­printed materials combined with selected tools but without core devices such as digital scales, BP Monitors, and Pulse Oximeters. CareKitOnline™ is our newest delivery model. It’s a lower cost, online subscription service allowing providers instant access to Care Kit curricula. Simply log on to print or email over 100+ self-care plans. Also included is access to our video series, How Meds Work™. You and your members are ready to GO! Click here to learn more about CareKitOnline™ and request a demo.

Care Kits haven been proven to achieve:

  • Higher patient satisfaction scores as measured by HCAHPS and HHCAHPS
  • Substantially better outcomes including up to 74% lower readmission rates
  • Lower overall cost of care
  • A dramatically improved patient experience
  • More hospital/physician referrals and network participation

“Care Kits are an HHVBP Model Game Changer.”

– Director, Home Care Agency

“Everything to engage my patient is in one place. I know they have all they need from day one.”

– CNO, Regional Hospital