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This Coronary Care Kit acknowledges clinical accuracy alone is rarely enough to inspire self-care—in fact, purely clinical explanations can trigger negative reactions. In contrast, this Care Kits’ clear analogies and step-by-step instructions are a relief after an acute cardiac episode. “This info is terrific! Helps me keep close watch on what my wife eats. A government brochure on how her medicine works said nothing. But the Care Kit really explains what I need to do!”

Coronary Care Kit

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Coronary Care Kit #33460
Coronary Care Kit: Large BP Cuff (From 12 1/4″ – 16 1/8″) #33960
Coronary Record Book Yearly Refill #533019

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CARE KITS work for me!

“I am doing more walking now and finally figured out how to keep my pills organized. I wasn’t keeping track of things before; now I am. Very impressive.”

– VA patient

“Our nursing team would like to congratulate you on the excellent user-friendly Care Kits.”

– Disease Management Administrator