Organization tools for caregivers in a “Mission Control” kit to organize, navigate health systems and stay calm. Health Plans appreciate how this kit minimizes absenteeism and anxiety at work. “Mom had several strokes—and I have 3 kids! My brother and I didn’t know where to start until we got our Care Kit. We have a lot to do, but we know where to go and who’s responsible.” The kit also has tips and tools for managing stress!

Organization tools for Caregivers

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Caregiver Care Kit (When Loved Ones Age) #60051

Also available in Spanish

CARE KITS work for me!

“As soon as we got the kit, we all sat down to start the process of coming up with a “Game Plan” to figure out what we needed to do to make life simpler. Well it was a big help, we got a wheel chair, found a place for speech and physical therapy and installed a ramp in their garage to get in and out. We have more to do, but now we really know what to do, where to go, and who is responsible for getting it done.”

– JM, Schaumburg, IL