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This After Cardiac Surgery Care Kit reduced post surgical infections at one hospital by 38%. It’s also a patient favorite: Research with over 300 heart surgery patients revealed their six most common surprises and concerns – including questions not yet (or ever) articulated. The answers are all here. Knowing what’s happening and what to do, patients relax and heal faster. Case managers love this kit!

After Cardiac Surgery Care Kit

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After Cardiac Surgery Care Kit #19360
After Cardiac Surgery Care Kit w/Pedometer #19460

Also available in Spanish

CARE KITS work for me!

cardiac_graph“We launched the Cardiac kits as a marketing promo and found better quality of care. We reduced our readmissions by 38%.”

– C.C., RN, Heart Center
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD


“It was like the kit knew what I was thinking! Before I could even put my worry into a question, I saw why my heart was pounding so loud, my shoulder was hurting and so on…”

– CABG patient