Asthma control and care is now even easier with this Kit. One asthma program adopted this Care Kit after families complained their health plan’s self-care instructions were too hard. With the Care Kit, 95% more patients achieved daily asthma control. The Care Kit became a powerful tool for recruiting new people to the program. One young user bragged he was absorbing 30% more medicine by using the chamber vs. inhaler alone. “My Peak Flow numbers are so much better!”

Children 5+ and Adult

astham kit

Children: Ages 2-3 & 3-5


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Teen & Adult Asthma Care: Twin Mattress Encasing #16560
Teen & Adult Asthma Care: Full Mattress Encasing #16660
Teen & Adult Asthma Care: Queen Mattress Encasing #16760
Teen & Adult Asthma Care: King Mattress Encasing #16860
Asthma Care Record Book Yearly Refill #516519
Small Children’s Asthma Care: Age 3-5 years #16460
Children’s Asthma Record Book Yearly Refill #516419
Teen & Adult Asthma Care: Starter Kit #16360

Also available in Spanish

CARE KITS work for me!

asthma_graph“We have conducted studies…the program has proven results in reducing medical utilization… hospitalization, ER visits and urgent MD visits have been reduced by over 90 percent.”

– Childrens Memorial Hospital, Chicago


“I found the lit very informative…the pillow encasement works well. Without these, my asthma came on a lot more. The coloring book is good for young children.”

– I.P. 9 Year Old Asthma Patient