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Your members and patients will love our NEW COVID-19 Care Kit. It ties all those bits and pieces of information they are hearing into one an easy-to-understand set of materials. No more confusion. It’s a practical & comprehensive kit organized around three GOALS: Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Stay Strong. The tools help patients prevent and identify the virus, including a digital thermometer, masks and even colloidal silver spray to help them disinfect their home or work spaces.

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COVID-19 Care Kit with Hand Sanitizer #24950
COVID-19 Care Kit with Surface Disinfectant #24951
COVID-19 Care Kit with Hand Sanitizer and Pulse Ox #24952
COVID-19 Care Kit with Surface Disinfectant and Pulse Oximeter (SHOWN) #24953

COVID-19 Care Kit – Watch Now

CARE KITS work for me!

“I was blown away! [The Coronavirus Care Kits] are brilliant, generous, useful and so appreciated. Thank you for being part of taking care of our community during this time. I’m very grateful to you and your colleagues for helping care for our patients.”

– CEO, Acute Care Hospital

“I wanted to let you know what a powerful force for good your Care Kits have been during the pandemic. We’ve shifted to getting the kits out to patients who need to shelter in place. This has allowed us to do more comprehensive care for them in their homes – we’re now doing the majority of our care in the virtual space.”

– Nurse Practitioner Supervisor – Acute Care Hospital

“Like the other Care Kits we use, the Coronavirus Care Kit helps our clinicians engage more effectively with our patients and is a small investment to ensure they have everything in one place to manage their self-care.”

– Vice President of Quality and Education – Home Health Agency