Chronic disease sufferers often feel guilty and despressed. So this kit gives uplifting support and reasons for living. Four goals organize all the self-care tasks and the included tools—like ear wraps, tube connectors and a pill organizer—help make it easier to manage. One grateful home health agency says, “The kits are tremendous in keeping our patients out of the hospital. Patients concur: “I don’t forget a thing because of my Care Kit.”


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COPD Care Kit #22060
COPD with Peak Flow Meter Care Kit #22160

Also available in Spanish

What’s in the COPD Kit – Watch Now

CARE KITS work for me!

“The manner in which [the kits] are put together with Step by Step instructions on self care makes it quite simple for patients…put[ing] the necessary supplies in the patient’s hand immediately is another benefit.”

– Fern Lentini
VP, AMA Solutions
American Medical Association


“We use Care Kits because they make the work easy—We have skill in home forever.”

– Nena Crisp
OMNI Home Care
Panama City, Florida