After Hip & Knee Surgery – Standard

A variation of our best selling Premium After Hip & Knee Surgery Kit but with a slightly different set of clinically-vetted tools. This STANDARD After Hip & Knee Surgery Kit includes two pairs of white elastic shoe laces instead of the dressing stick, night light and whistle found in our Premium kit. Large print and color photos, not tiny black-and-white type, make the materials easy to read and follow. Patients will have a clear understanding of how to use the tools so they recover safely without readmission.


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Hip or Knee Rehabilitation Care Kit – with Bag #50301
Hip or Knee Rehabilitation Care Kit – No Bag #50300

Also available in Spanish

CARE KITS work for me!

“I’m so glad this kit was available to my husband. I would have loved a kit like this for myself!”

– Hip Surgery Patient


“I have it. It’s the best, especially the Step-by-Step.”

– Homecare Physical Therapist


“All the tools are in one place. I know my patients have what they need from Day One.”

– Hospital-Based Homecare Nurse


“I thought I didn’t need anything because I felt pretty good after my second hip surgery—better than the first. But then I reached over too far and popped the new joint right out. I had to go back to the hospital. I should have used the Kit.”

– Hip Surgery Patient