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Eliminate guesswork in managing drains. “I didn’t know what to do!”, reported one patient, “they gave me pill cups for my drainage.” Step-by-step instructions in the kit relieve anxiety and speed healing. Supplies include proprietary Belt Bags to carry drains and tubes. “My doctor liked the Drainage Record Card.” Another patient said, “I had six drains with my tummy tuck! I couldn’t have made it without a Care Kit!”

managing multiple drains

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Multiple Drain Care Kit Bag #17050
Multiple Drain Care Kit Box #17060

Also available in Spanish

CARE KITS work for me!

“From the time my mother came home from the hospital we used the kit. The item that is the most invaluable is the bag for the drains. My mother wore them as you would a sling during the day and at night she wore them around her waist. She found she had greater mobility and overall it was easier to move around.”

– Linda W., South Carolina


“The kit was extremely helpful to me and my care-giver (spouse). I would not have had the slightest idea as to what supplies I would need! And there they are—were the most concise and clear directions I have ever seen for any product. The Kit certainly made my post-op care much easier.”

– Mary B., Bowling Green, KY