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Our team of experienced clinicians is the best of the best. We are available to help you engage, educate and deliver Care Kit materials. We’ll provide you with best practice patient engagement tactics, staff training, baseline visit plans or even answer any patient-specific questions. To reach us, call our Ask-A-Nurse Hotline at 1-877-CAREKIT (227-3548) or email us


Judith Franks-Farah, RN, MS
For 22 years, Judy was charge nurse of the emergency room in an inner city hospital. Nothing fazes her-she’s seen it all before and helped thousands of people manage. She understands how hard it can be to find medical supplies and how hard it is to remember what the discharge nurse says. She also knows how important it is to get those supplies and follow instructions if you’re going to stay out of the ER.


Carol Outland, RN, BSN, MS
Carol Outland, RN, BSN, MS was a pioneer in designing and converting traditional Labor & Delivery multiple-room systems to Women’s Centers with single-room maternity care. She developed programs for cross training staff to work in the new single room concept. She has been a professor of nursing in both ADN and baccalaureate nursing programs. She has been a hospital administrator and demonstrated her administrative expertise by turning home care and hospice agencies from financially unprofitable to profitable. Carol has over 40 years’ professional experience in nursing: inpatient, home care and hospice administration, and program development. She invented new products for self care prior to joining Communication Science, where she currently leads the clinical content team working on new product development.


Shirley Grey, RN, MSN
Shirley was a hospital nurse for ten years and a home care nurse for thirteen. For eight of those years she was administrator of a home health agency. Shirley also understands from her own experience what it’s like to be a caregiver for a loved one in the family. She has been president of the Illinois Chapter of the Case Management Society of America. She was the first graduate of University of Illinois Masters program in Perinatal Nursing and became Director of Nursing at Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago. She completed her Bachelors degree in Nursing at the University of Arizona.