Post-Cardiac Surgery: 350 Bed Hospital > Post-Cardiac Surgery: 350 Bed Hospital

Post Cardiac Surgery
N = 802


Reduction in readmissions for infection

350-bed hospital, near suburb of Baltimore, MD



Control group = 430


readmission for infection


readmissions per year

Care Kit group = 372


readmission for infection


readmissions per year

Control Group is one quarter of retrospective data, 2001. Care Kit Group is same quarter, 2002 Selection criteria: patients discharged to home or home care. Data collected from medical records.

HIGHLIGHTS: Often hospitals think a readmission rate of less than 10% as “low,” but in fact returning patients represent a significant population even when recidivism is in single digit percentages.

The hospital conducting this demonstration calculates its loss from a single unreimbursed readmission within 31 days post discharge at an average of $30,000 – all overhead and services included. Annual savings from Care Kit = 52-32 = 20 x $30,000 = $600,000 – $25,728 (total cost of distributing Care Kit to all 1600 patients) = $574,272 Net Savings. (Productivity gains and value of patient satisfaction would be additional financial benefits.)