Heart Failure Readmissions: "Heart 100" Hospital (Study #2)
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Heart Failure patients self monitoring post discharge (changed behavior up to 4 months post discharge)


Increase in patients weighing daily

Nationally recognized “Heart 100” hospital 400-bed, close-in suburb of Chicago, IL


Increase in patients monitoring their own blood pressure


Increase in patients managing their medication schedule

N = 31

Before Care Kit

After Using Care Kit

monitoring weight



monitoring blood pressure



managing medication schedule



The 31 patients who received a Care Kit were surveyed via telephone by the Director of Case Management approximately 2-4 months post hospitalization. The patients were asked how many times per week they used their scales, blood pressures monitors, and medication reminders (if they had them) before this hospitalization. The same information was asked about their use of the tools in the Careguide Kits. The results are significant behavior changes. A follow up survey will be done 6-9 months post hospitalization to determine continued behavior changes.

HIGHLIGHTS: There is “magic” to providing all the materials necessary for lifestyle change in a complete package. Self care can begin immediately, with no delays waiting for a patient to locate supplies or devices retail. Instructions show photographs specifically of the supplies devices to be used, so patients do not have to “retranslate” generalizations to the specific items they are attempting to use. Instructions that come in the box with devices such as blood pressure monitors are invariably in miniature type, with technical terms, and have never been tested for comprehensibility by lay people. Integrating supplies and instructions is one reason Care Kit works.