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What’s in the Heart Failure Kit – Watch Now

Heart failure after care made patient-friendly. This best-seller has reduced readmissions by up to 73%. The core of the kit is a familiar metaphor: A HF heart is a “tired workhorse.” Three easy-to-remember goals organize self-care tasks and proprietary tools and vetted devices make it easier to comply. A patient reports, “I was in the ER 3 times in 2 weeks. The third time they gave me a Care Kit and I’ve stayed out for 4 years running now.”


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Heart Failure Care Kit with 440# Digital Scale (Blood Pressure Monitor Not Included) #29660
Heart Failure Care Kit with 440# Digital Scale and Regular Blood Pressure Monitor #29460
Heart Failure Care Kit with 440# Digital Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Pulse Oximeter #29360
Heart Failure Record Book Yearly Refill #529019

Also available in Spanish. Extra Large Cuffs Available.

CARE KITS work for me!

hf_graph“Nothing else we did had as great an impact as the Care Kit. $2.2MM saved in one year.”

– Alan Howard, RN MDiv Clinical Specialist
St. Joseph Medical Center
Lexington, KY
Disease Management Association of America Conference Proceedings, 2004


“I went to the hospital three times in two weeks. On the third time, they gave me a Care Kit. I’ve followed the directions, used all the contents, and stayed out of the hospital for four years running now.”

– Miles R., Arlington Heights, IL

Heart Failure Care Kit Includes:

The Short Story on Heart Failure
Poster: How to Watch What You Eat
Goal 1: Lighten the Load
Goal 2: Widen the Road
Goal 3: Strengthen the Horse
Wallet Card for Controlling Stress
How Heart Failure Medicine Works
Stop Smoking the Natural Way
How to Limit Drinks
Fast Food Advisor
Log Book
Emergency Medical Card
28-Dose Pill Organizer
Troubleshooting Magnet Board
Blood Pressure Monitor (Optional)
Skin Lotion
Digital Scale
Pulse Oximeter (Optional)
Measuring Bottle