Everything Your Patients Need For a Successful Transition


Essential Information
The latest clinical standards in a science-based curriculum: Meets or exceeds AMA standards for health literacy. Uses adult learning principles such as humor, metaphors, action steps and goals so your patients grasp quickly and remember long term.

Clinically-Vetted Devices
The most user-friendly designs for scales, pulse oximeters, BP monitors, rehab equipment, ear wraps, thermometers, and more give your patients a head start on mastering self care regimens!

Engaging Tools
Unique content and layouts for tracking logs and charts, checklists, magnet boards, wallet and door hanger reminders – friendly items to integrate with daily life and to engage in the long-term!

Care Kits are unique, condition-specific solutions that provide patients the step-by-step curriculum and tools for successful self-care. Intense observation of patients at home and with providers has revealed barriers and keys to successful self-care while also exposing gaps in other approaches. These insights form a new approach − the CSI Curriculum − proven to radically improve outcomes at lower cost.

A Care Kit program facilitates communication and improves the interactions among providers and patients. This is increasingly important for value-based payment programs such as: Hospital and Home Care Value-Based Purchasing Models, CCJR Programs, BCPI Models, ACOs & MCOs, and readmission penalties. A Care Kit program is available in three different formats. Choose the one that is right for your patients.


Care Kits haven been proven to achieve:

  • Higher patient satisfaction scores as measured by HCAHPS and HHCAHPS
  • Substantially better outcomes including up to 74% lower readmission rates
  • Lower overall cost of care
  • A dramatically improved patient experience
  • More hospital/physician referrals and network participation

“Care Kits are an HHVBP Model Game Changer.”

– Director, Home Care Agency

“Everything to engage my patient is in one place. I know they have all they need from day one.”

– CNO, Regional Hospital